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WidgetBucks Hybrid Widgets Now Live

New Impulse-Buy Categories Added; Display Ads Now Live

WidgetBucks Hybrid Widgets Now Live

Before discussing the new categories, the short-duration display ads that were to begin this week, have now started. See all the details of this new roll-out on our blog post from Feb. 22. Initially, the display ad/shopping widget hybrid is appearing on 300 x 250 widgets, with additional sizes rolling out later this week.

WidgetBucks New Impulse Buy Categories

As we've made a concerted effort to get as site-category specific as possible -- which is what triggers higher payments by advertisers -- WidgetBucks has added 16 new categories from which to choose, and another six more coming online later in the week.

The premise behind the new categories is be attractive to users who may want to impulse buy. It's the same idea behind the quick buys one makes while in the grocery or department store line -- things you didn't intend to shop for but willing to buy because of the reasonable or low price point.

So we've created a variety of new types of categories, including software (tax preparation, PDA, Web publishing), event tickets, ink jet printer cartridges and accessories for HDTVs, GPS devices, PDAs, digital cameras and photography in general, as examples. We've also added sports attire categories for NASCAR, NCAA (the Tournament starts March 18), MLB (Opening Day is March 30) , NBA and the NFL.

To give some additional perspective on the additional categories, we have noticed that RPCs (revenue per click) have dropped significantly for high-price categories, such as HDTVs, desktop and laptop computers and high-end digital cameras. With the RPC that advertisers are willing to pay tied directly to CTS (conversion to sale) -- and therefore, very unreliable for high-ticket goods -- we've moved to provide these impulse-buy categories (items less than $200) with the intention of stabilizing RPCs.

articles by- Dean (WidgetBucks)